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Health Certificates & Microchips

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If your planning to travel with your pet and you require a health certificate for your trip, please make sure to make arrangements with not only Country walk Animal Hospital but with the USDA. Every country and airline has different requirements and we advise you to call the USDA, the Embassy of the country you are traveling to and the airline to verify what these requirements may be. Once you have gathered all this information we will be more than happy to do an exam on your pet and provide you with the services you need. A deworming for internal parasites and a treatment for external parasites is highly recommended and mandated by most countries and airlines.

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We also provide microchipping services for your pets, which is recommended for verification of your pet. Microchipping your pet is easy, quick and something that can be done at any point of your pets life.

Once the microchip is implanted, we will provide you with all the paperwork to register your pet under HomeAgain. HomeAgain will create an account for you and your pet with all your information, and if for whatever reason you may loose your pet and your pet is scanned they will be able to trace him or her back to you.

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