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Dental Care


Taking care of your pet’s teeth is just as important as any other part of their general hygiene. Dental disease is something we see emerging in dogs and cats more frequently. We see these issues arise more often in small breed animals making it that much more important for them to have their teeth checked at their yearly check up.

Dental care for dogs begins with an oral examination followed by doing a teeth cleaning. During this procedure oral X-rays will be done to help us determine if there is something we can not see by just looking at the mouth such as an abscess. When considering if your pet needs a dental we want to look for any gum redness, swelling or foul odors. These symptoms can be signs  of serious oral diseases which can lead to heart, lung and kidney diseases.

We encourage all our pet owners to brush their pet’s teeth. Doing so will help us fight and prevent any oral disease your pet will encounter. Here at Country Walk Animal Hospital, we carry various dental products which are formulated with plaque fighting enzymes and toothbrushes that you can use for your pet’s dental hygiene. Your pet’s teeth should be brushed at least weekly if not more often if possible. Dental hygiene is another part of preventative medicine that can be easily accomplished and made part of your pet’s weekly habits.

Royal Canin Dental is available here at the hospital. This diet helps remove tartar and plaque from the teeth structure. Plaque buildup should be removed frequently to avoid the onset of periodontal diseases. Plaque is a whitish, yellow deposit that gradually develops on teeth but is easily removable. Dental wipes are available and they assist with plaque and tartar like material that are loosely attached to the dogs teeth. The build up and accumulation of plaque leads to gum disease which can cause your pets to loose their teeth.  

Brushing your pet’s teeth may not be easy, but our staff is willing to help you undertake this weekly task by providing you with helpful tips.

If at any point you notice a particular odor coming from your dog or cat’s mouth please call and schedule an appointment with us today.’

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